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Ice Palaces Through the Years

In North America, Montreal was the first great city to create an Ice Palace. However when a smallpox epidemic broke out in Montreal in 1885, St. Paul leaders moved quickly to build a palace here in hopes to attract tourism to St. Paul.

To date, the St. Paul Winter Carnival has built 36 Ice Palaces, all of different shapes and sizes. Below are some of the most memorable designs.

The first Ice Palace was built in 1886 and was located in Central Park (located just North of the downtown area). It consisted of 20,000 blocks of ice and was 106 feet high.

The 1887 Ice Palace followed with over 35,000 blocks of ice. It too was located in Central Park.
1887 Night-Time

The 1937 Ice Palace graced the grounds of the State Capitol Mall, used 30,000 blocks if ice and stood 70 feet tall. 1937

The 1986 Ice Palace scraped the sky at 128 feet tall. This Palace graced the shores of Lake Phalen in St.Paul 1988

Harriett Island hosted the 1992 Ice Palace
1992 with the Moon

The 2004 Ice Palace hosted the NHL All Star Game. It was built in Cleveland Circle in St.Paul as used 18,000 blocks of Ice.

Ice Palace Fun Fact: Many people ask if it is a Palace or a Castle? Since a Palace is looked upon as a home to royalty, we have always used the word Palace vs. Castle as many people associate the word castle as a negative, like Dracula’s Castle.

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