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2014 Royal Family

Boreas LXXVIII: Roger Kruse
Aurora, Queen of Snows: Abby Hoglin
Prime Minister: Tim Simplot
Titan, Prince of the North Wind: Leo Yurek
North Wind Princess: Lyz Carlson
Euros, Prince of the East Wind: Chuck Bethel
East Wind Princess: Christine Schrader
Zephyrus, Prince of the West Wind: Curt Cooper
West Wind Princess: Abby Massee
Notos, Prince of the South Wind: Mark Biermann
South Wind Princess: Ashley Galloway
Klondike Kate: Kathy Rustin-Westphal
Guard Captain: Mark Marrone
Guard Sergeant: Alex Keller
Guards: Duane Tessmer
Guards: Alex Casebolt
Guards: Mark Peterson
Pillow Guard: Matt Johnson
Royal Coordinator: Bobbi VanGrinsven

2014 Vulcan Krewe

Vulcanus Rex LXXVI: Jim Green
Count Embrious (Prime Minister): Kyle Sunne
Count of Ashes: Jason Voyda
Duke of Klinker: Mike Morgan
Grand Duke Fertilious: Mike Fox
General Flameous: Craig Danksy
Baron Hot Sparkus: Tom Mahowald
Prince of Soot: Joe Will

2014 Senior Royalty

King Winter: Greg Pluff
Queen of the Northlands: Gerry Schulz
Princess of the Four Winds: Cindy Thrasher
Prime Minister: Mary Lou Vining-Berg
Lady-in-Waiting: Katie Follmer

2014 Junior Royalty

Queen of the Snowflakes Meghan Harwell
Princess of Ice Sara Albert
Princess of Snow Rachel Wanger

Legend and Volunteer Groups

The Saint Paul Winter Carnival has a strong network of volunteers that stay connected through the legend.  Get involved in one of these groups or click here to see their calendar of events.

Saint Paul Winter Carnival

Saint Paul Winter Carnival and St. Paul Festival & Heritage Foundation
logo223.jpg Winter Carnival Fan Club
1000's of Winter Carnival Pictures and more


Winter Carnival Community Forum

Former Queens Club


Titan Organization - Prince of the North Wind
EastWindlogo.gif Euros Prince of the East Wind


Prince of the South Wind

Westwinds Website

Prince of the West Wind
Past Princess Association

Royal Guard

Royal Guards


The Imperial Order of Fire and Brimstone


The Royal Order of the Klondike Kate's

Ambassadors of the St. Paul Festival & Heritage Foundation

Ambassadors of the St. Paul Festival & Heritage Foundation
BounceTeamLogo.jpg St. Paul Bouncing Team - Since 1886


Treasure Hunt Headquarters


Winter Carnival Treasure Hunt Club


Ron Young's St. Paul Winter Carnival Button Collection



Royal Cast Enterprises


Minnesota Historical Society


Minnesota Association of Past Community Ambassadors

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