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The Legend of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival

King Boreas

As the "King of the Winds," Boreas assigned to each of his brothers a permanent grant of great force and power. To Titan was assigned the blustery North Wind. To Euros was granted control of the irresponsible East Wind. To Zephyrus was given custody of the bountiful West Wind. To Notos was presented the balmy but unstable South Wind. The brothers cavorted gaily over land and sea. Boreas, while on his extensive travels, came upon a winter paradise known as Minnesota. He paused to behold the enchanting beauty of a magnificent group of seven gently sloping hills in whose embrace nestled a beautiful city. Boreas whistled in sheer ecstasy, "Historic Saint Paul and her seven hills! An ideal place. I will make Saint Paul the capitol of all my domains. It will henceforth be emblazoned to the world as the winter playground of the Realm of Boreas."

Meanwhile, Vulcanus Rex, the god of Fire, and the implacable enemy of Boreas, crackled in defiant disdain. "By the great sword of Mars I will temper the blusterings of Boreas with the heat and roar of my forces." He was tireless in his bitter resistance to all the festivities of Boreas.

Undaunted, Boreas proclaimed a celebration in the spirit of gay Carnival. "So be it!" shouted Boreas, "There will be a Carnival in old Saint Paul!" Boreas selected a Prime Minister to coordinate preparations in all the Principalities, Provinces and Royal Houses within the realm of Saint Paul.

And so, for ten glorious days, there was Carnival and joyous celebration in St. Paul -- feasting, dancing, fun and frolic reigned over by Boreas and the Queen of Snows, the fairest maiden of the realm, along with the four Winds, who were each accompanied by a lovely Princess from the realm of Boreas. Klondike Kate, a lady of song and merriment, added her sassy but enchanting voice to the festivities by singing songs of desire and sentiment.

Senior King Winter, Queen of the Northlands, and their court contributed good will and wisdom, while Junior King Frost and Queen of the Snowflakes with their court, add youthful exuberance to the festival.

On the 10th day of celebration, Vulcanus Rex and his Krewe stormed the magnificent ice castle and confronted the King's Guard. Upon the good counsel of the Queen, Boreas bade farewell to the people of his winter capitol in the interest of peace and goodwill, and returned to dwell among the gods of Olympus. Boreas and his court looked forward to the time when summer's warmth would once again relinquish its hold on the realm and the frosty atmosphere of winter would prevail.

The Fire King and his Vulcan Krewe

Fire King Rex VI (1940), was the first Fire King to have a Krewe run with him, the first Krewe to ride a firetruck - officially - and the first Krewe to bestow the ever-popular "mark". The Krewe was also the first Kreweto wear a running suit, cape, helmet, and googles (mask), as we know them today.

The Knighting Ceremony

These ceremonies have been around for almost fifty years. Every year, each Krewe knights literally hundreds of lucky individuals. Special people are singled out by Vulcanus Rex and his Krewe on which to bestow this unique privilege. A knighting ceremony consists of a "title" being bestowed, and a certificate being presented. The title and the memory of this event are forever. The titles that are given to the individuals are usually thought up by the Krewe members.

The Royal Chariot

The current fire engine being used by the Fire King Krewe is a 1932 Luverne. The engine was built in Luverne, Minnesota, and is believed to be the only one of its type left.

The "Mark"

The mark started in 1940. The mark was originally imparted on ladies of the realm as a sign of their willingness to demonstrate their allegiance to the Vulcans and to forsake forever Boreas and his followers. In more recent times, the mark has been extended to male members of the population in this manner; a Krewe member will draw a "V" on the cheek or forehead of the individual.

To request the Vulcan Krewe to appear at your function, send your request to:

Council of Fire Kings
Attn: Vulcan Krewe Appearance Requests
PO Box 2082
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076-8082

The Order of the Royal Guard

Protectors of the Realm!

In the mighty and majestic Realm of Boreas there exists an organization so filled with history and heritage, and although young in years, must be considered a tradition.
It was just after World War II that the dominion found that it was lacking a proper army to defend against Vulcanus Rex and his Krewe of dastardly deeds. Notwithstanding expense, Boreas sent words to those returning servicemen that trained their commissions to become Guards for the throne of Boreas.

Defend the throne they did, in fact, several of these same men so pleased the Royal Court that they too were later on selected to be Kings, Prime Ministers and Winds to rule the Kingdom. However, good as they were, a few sought to desert the ranks of Boreas and join forces with Vulcanus Rex. Some, even to this day, swear allegiance to the organization known as Fire and Brimstone, a just reward for those traitors.

It was in the years of 1950 through 1958, which became known as the "Educational Era", that the Guard of Boreas was selected from the three colleges of the kingdom; Hamline, Macalester and St. Thomas, with St. Thomas pleasing the Kingdom most as they inherited the the exclusive right the years 1950 through 1952. Willing and stout Guardsman they were, yet graduating to other duties in the realm.

With that, Boreas looked to other areas in the Realm
from which to select his Royal Guards. He found in the Saint Paul Junior Chamber of Commerce a group willing to do honor to his Majesty. For an entire decade these men served the throne and it was from this time that was formed the Order of the Royal Guard, so that all men that served in the Guard of Boreas could be a willing ally to the throne.

In the mighty Realm of Boreas today there are many men and women willing to do honor to his majesty. However, Boreas selects only those to whom he has the greatest esteem and utmost confidence in their ability to do honor to the illustrious position. Only to these men does he give all the rights and responsibilities for the title of King's Guard.

There are many associations which have been in existence for many years, but only one has the history, tradition and heritage to be called the Order of the Royal Guard.

Hail Boreas!

The Royal Order of Klondike Kates

She had beauty, charm and a man who "done her wrong". She was Kathleen Rockwell, and she made her way across the mountains to Dawson City and gold fields around the Yukon and Klondike Rivers, just as many others did during the Gold Rush of 1898.

When the Saint Paul Winter Carnival began, Klondike Kate could easily have been the first to entertain at the Casino. Although it is not known exactly when Carnival began hiring entertainers, it is known that the last entertainer hired was in 1961, and she was known as "Klondike Kate". She then disappeared for a decade until 1971 when the Saint Paul Jaycees decided to bring Kate back to Carnival. Together with the Winter Carnival office, they initiated a competition to chose a new Kate each year. The contest is held each January and the newly reigning Klondike Kate becomes the hostess for the two subsequent weekends of Cabaret performances.

In the early seventies and even into the eighties, the reigning Klondike Kate performed alone. But as years went by, the character of Kate become so flamboyant and dynamic that she became more and more in demand. It then became a group effort so that many more of the requested demands for appearances could be fulfilled. Starting in 1996, the casino became known as Klondike Kate Cabaret. Former Klondike Kates who are members of the Royal Order of Klondike Kates perform along with the new Kate and create memories of the Gold Rush era in our country. Klondike Kate has become Saint Paul's mistress of fun, frivolity, and good fellowship!

Today the members of the Royal Order of Klondike Kates make well over 100 appearances a year. The current group of active members will participate in approximately twenty parades over the summer months where they sing live on the award-winning float. They also perform at many senior citizen's homes, Meals on Wheels, Chamber of Commerce shows, conventions, benefits, the Minnesota State Fair, and many other engagements. For these very active women, who all work at full time jobs, it can be quite a demand on personal time. But the performances are so much fun that the Kates look forward to each one. Their statement of purpose for their organization reads " promote, enhance, and maintain a positive image, reputation and public perception of the legend of Klondike Kate." They are a "sisterhood" of women who love to perform and, by their very presence, provide open-arm welcome to Saint Paul visitors and locals alike.

To contact the Klondike Kates for further information or personal appearances or entertainment:

The Royal Order of the Klondike Kates
C/O Shar Salisbury (Klondike Kate 1997)
P.O. Box 211193
Saint Paul, MN 55121

Call the Klondike Kate Hotline at: 651-688-0638
Shar Slaisbury; 952-250-7681
Judy Nelson; 612-845-2701

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